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Daylight and Your Health

Daylight and sunlight has a more important impact on our health than most of us are aware of. Sunlight that enters the eye stimulates pinal hormone production in the body, melatonin. Daily sunlight effect our mood. In dark winter areas like Lapland where the sun does not rise from November to January studies shows that people becomes more tired and have a reduction of capacity during this period (source: Tromso psychiatrist, Dr Reppersgaard). Work places with windows that allows entering of daylight shows to be more effective and satisfied work places. Daylight also controls the body’s circadian system and synchronizes the body to the 24-hour system. It shows that people working night shifts produces less than those working day shifts where natural daylight is available. But there is a difference of night shift workers that was exposed to dayligt before the shift and those who wasn’t. Those exposed to dayligt before night shift were less stressed and tired.

Sunlight also contains vitamine D which is important for our body health. Vitamine D prevents autoimmune diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Sunlight improves liver functioning and heals inflammation.


– Helps reducing depression

– Helps you stay focus

– Helps you performance more

– Helps your mood

– Helps your work place

– Improves your sleep

– Prevents diseases thanks to Vitamine D

Artificial light does not have the same effect.

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