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Aquaponics – Sustainable Food Production

Aquaponics is an ancient, but upcoming sustainable way to produce foods. The system is combined with:

° Conventional aquaculture; raising water animals like prawns, fish and snails

° Hydroponics which is cultivation of plants in water, living in a symbiotic environment, an environment where two or more plants are combined.

The closed system makes the effluent-rich water become toxic by aquacultures excretions, but these toxics are very useful and nutrient to the plants. After the water has passed through the hydroponic subsystem, it is cleaned and oxygenated, and can return to the aquaculture vessels. This circle goes on and on. Aquaponics can be made in tanks, basins and sumps, in large fields and also in your own backyard. Shorty you can say it is a self cleaning fish tank that produces foods.

Most green leaf vegetables suits for the hydroponic subsystem; chinese cabbage, basil, roses, lettuce, okra, tomatoes, bell-peppers and cantaloupe. Also onions,  sweet potato, beans, peas, watercress, strawberries, radishes and melons to name some.

The size, complexity, and types of foods the farmer has choose to grow can vary as much as in any kind of farming. The most known aquaponic system in modern time is rice cultivation combined with fish. The aquaponic system has been used since ancient Aztec times, also in south China and Thailand.

aquaponic_plant_productionOne example: Aquaponic Plant Production

Photo: wrongwayhome.com

How to get rid of Scab

Scab is very common on plants leafs and comes back regulary, especially in polluted environments. Scab can be white, brown or rusty brown. An easy and effective natural solution:

– 3 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in 3,5 litres of water.

Water for a week early mornings and/or after sunset, depending on climate.

How to get rid of Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew looks like small cotton balls on the plants vine and leaves, or white spots on the plants leaves.

A Natural Remedy:

3,5 Litres Water

1 Tsp Baking Soda

2,5 Tsp Vegetal Oil (Olive oil works well)

2 Tsp Soap

Blend and water for approximately for a week. Water early mornings or after sunset.


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