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Foods High in Vitamine A

Vitamine A is very important for several reasons; skin health, red blood cell production, regulate genes, immune system, but mostly for good eye sight. Lack of vitamin A can lead to blindness and cause hairloss.

Vitamine A you find in many daily foods like:



100 grams of carrotts provides you with 334% of daily value and are great raw as cooked. Eating alot of carrotts improves your vision and are also a great source of Vitamin B, C, K, fiber and magnesium.



Cantaloupe and other yellow and orange melons have high amounts of Vitamin A and provides you with 68% of daily value. Cantaloupe is a great snack just as it is, in salads and in deserts.


Iceberg Lettuce

One cup of iceberg lettuce provides you with 10% of daily value. Iceberg is low fat and works great in salads or just as it is as a crispy snack. Contains also many minerals and is the  most eaten lettuce.

Dark and colorful lettuce contains higher amounts of Vitamin A, up to 150% daily value.



Even is tomato is a fruit, most people sees it as a vegetable. One single tomato provides you with 30% of daily value. Tomatoes are great raw and cooked, and are also a great source of Vitamin C and lycopene.

Other Vitamine A rich foods, DV = Daily Value:

° Sweet Potatoes – 438% DV

° Mango – 36% DV

° Butternut Squash – 457% DV

° Dried Basil – 15% DV

° Sweet Peppers – 69% DV

° Kale, Peas, Dried Apricots, Peaches, Spinach, Whole Milk, Papaya, natural Oatmeal,

– Daily Value is compared to 2000 calorie daily intake. –


Sources: bembu.com, wikipedia, healthaliciousness.com, eatthis.com, fitday.com

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