What is Oil Pulling and why you should try it?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detox and rejuvenation.

Why Do It?

Find relief from congestion in the sinuses and throat. After rinsing, you will find yourself blowing your nose and clearing your throat. Some testimonies tells they have got rid of other health problems like nerve damages and back problems, weight loss, whiter teeth, healthier gums, happiness, helps food digestion, reduce cellulites just to name some…

Which Oils?

Natural oils. Coconut and olive oils to prefer. Also sunflower or sesame oil works well. Any oil will do as long as it is natural.


Push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, but do not swallow or gargle so it may touch your throat because it is now carrying somewhat toxic material. Do this for 5 – 20 minutes. Then spit it in the toilet because oil can clog your drain. Best is to do this in the morning before eating.

Oil pulling is very easy, just google “Oil Pulling” to find more information and benefits.

Aquaponics – Sustainable Food Production

Aquaponics is an ancient, but upcoming sustainable way to produce foods. The system is combined with:

° Conventional aquaculture; raising water animals like prawns, fish and snails

° Hydroponics which is cultivation of plants in water, living in a symbiotic environment, an environment where two or more plants are combined.

The closed system makes the effluent-rich water become toxic by aquacultures excretions, but these toxics are very useful and nutrient to the plants. After the water has passed through the hydroponic subsystem, it is cleaned and oxygenated, and can return to the aquaculture vessels. This circle goes on and on. Aquaponics can be made in tanks, basins and sumps, in large fields and also in your own backyard. Shorty you can say it is a self cleaning fish tank that produces foods.

Most green leaf vegetables suits for the hydroponic subsystem; chinese cabbage, basil, roses, lettuce, okra, tomatoes, bell-peppers and cantaloupe. Also onions,  sweet potato, beans, peas, watercress, strawberries, radishes and melons to name some.

The size, complexity, and types of foods the farmer has choose to grow can vary as much as in any kind of farming. The most known aquaponic system in modern time is rice cultivation combined with fish. The aquaponic system has been used since ancient Aztec times, also in south China and Thailand.

aquaponic_plant_productionOne example: Aquaponic Plant Production

Photo: wrongwayhome.com

Green Energy: Tidal

Tidal Power or Tidal Energy is an old upcoming energy form, still unknown for global market, but one of the oldest forms of energy used by humans, and is also more predictable than sun and wind energy. It is the future generations energysolution. Tidal energy has not been in much use because it is a new upcoming technology, still has high costs and needs time to find sites with sufficiently high tidal ranges or flow velocities.

Tidal power is reliable and non-polluting as it does not cause emission of gases or use fossil fuel generated electricity, and decreases the need for nuclear power. The system is like windturbines but undersea turbines, driven by the sea instead of the wind (see photo below). Unlike wind and waves, tidal currents are entirely predictable.  Tidal energy can be used:

* By building semi-permeable barrages across estuaries with a high tidal range

* By harnessing offshore tidal streams as electricity can be generated by water flowing both into and out of a bay.

Atleast a seven metres tidal range is required for economical operation and for water suffency. It is extremely important to choose right location for tidal energy as it can disturb aquatic and shoreline ecosystems, as well as navigation and recreation.

Underwater-Tidal-PowerPhoto credit: trackenergy.com.au

Historically, tide mills have been used, both in Europe and on the Atlantic coast of North America. The incoming water was contained in large storage ponds, and as the tide went out, it turned waterwheels that used the mechanical power it produced to mill grain.The earliest occurrences date from Roman Times. It was only in 1800 that the process of using falling water and spinning turbines to create electricity was introduced in the U.S. and Europe (Source: Wikipedia).

Natural Brush Cleaning

Use 1 tsp of Baking Soda in water to clean hair brushes and make up brushes, or any other brushes.
You can lay them in the water for a while or wash them with a spunge soaked in baking soda.


Benefits of taking Cold Showers

During hot summers a cold shower is a natural choise, but it also has its health benefits. It does not make you sick, it is a great way to regulate body temperature and improve your immune system. Do not mix cold and warm water if you are a beginner, it is better to start with one complete cold shower and then increase. Best benefits from cold shower is a morning or evening shower.

Improves Mood:  Cold showers stimulates the brain by its source of noradrenaline, and improves mood disorders like depression. After a cold shower you should feel happy, sometimes as euphoria.

Improves Blood Circulation: With a cold shower blood flows to your organs for protection to keep them warm, and this improves blood flow between organs and skin. Higher fertility in men.

Improves Breathing: Use cold showers to learn how to breath deeply. This fights the stress of the cold shock, the vasoconstriction and the need to respire calmly to keep yourself warm. This opens the lungs and incresed the oxygen intake.

Improves Metabolic Rate: The cold shower forces your body to regulate temperature which uses many calories. The body will become more efficient.


Increase Testosterone: Cold showers or having the testicles in cold water increases sperm production. Some takes a cold shower before gym to get more strength.

Increase Immune: Creates higher levels of white bloos cells and higher concentration of plasma. Anti-Inflammation and anti-disease and helps you avoid the flu, cancer and haemorrhoids.

Weight Loss: Brown fat production increases and fights obesity. More calories are burned to supply energy for more reactions.

Environmental Friendly: Less CO2 and greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Also less global warming and a lower electricity bill.

3 Sicilian Vegetables in Season

3 sic veggies

Fried Zucchina with Basil and Cherrytomatoes


Fry zucchini (summer squash), cherry tomatoes and basil in a pan with some good quality oil

Add just little sea salt

Add some chilli if you like

Lexicon: Organic Certifications

In some countries, organic standards are formulated and overseen by the government. Being able to put the word “organic” on a food product is a valuable marketing advantage in today’s consumer market, but does not guarantee the product is legitimately organic. Certification is intended to protect consumers from misuse of the term, and make buying organics easy. Be aware that organic control differs from regions and country.

Australia: Australian Certified Organic

Belgium: “Biogarantie”

Canada: Canada Organic – Biologique Canada

China: Two Standards: A and AA; while the former standard does permit some use of synthetic agricultural chemicals

EU, member countries: European Union logo

France: AB – Agriculture Biologique

German speaking countries: Demeter

Germany: BIO (Germany uses also EU logo)


India: India Organic (by Apeda, equal to USDA)

Japan: JAS

Sweden: KRAV (Sweden uses also EU logo)

United States: USDA Organic

Three Sicilian fruits in Season & Health Benefits:


8 Brain Boosting Foods

Salmon oil and Omega 3 essential fatty acids are great sources for brain health and improves mental clarity.

Blueberries has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents age-related declines. Prevents short term memory loss.

Tomatoes lycopene helps you to protect against free radical damage to cells that causes dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Green Tea keeps you in a positive mood.
8 Brain Boosting FoodsBroccoli contains a big source of vitamin K that improves brainpower.

Nuts contain Omega-3, vitamin E and antioxidants that gives a positive effect on brain function.

Avocados are high in Omega-3 fatty acid.

Dark Chocolate helps you to focus and concentrate.

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