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How to preserve an Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is often a fairly large vegetable and to avoid throwing out the rest, you can keep the salad fresh in the refrigerator up to a week with the following method:
– Cut the piece you need by also cutting through the stem
– Cut the stem to remove the brown part
– Put some water in a container. Very little water
– Place the salad in the container so that only the stem pipe water
Make sure the leaves are not touching the water because then the lettuce will rot quickly.


To Freeze Celery

Celery is quite a big vegetable in Sicily, and the issue is always that we need only 15 cm of the stem mostly for soups.
Solution: Cut the celery in 15cm pieces, or pieces you like, and freeze in just as they are. Celery should last in good frozen condition about 5 months in the freezer.

19916_447136108685687_104595115_nCelery works fine to freeze in just as it is

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