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Daylight and Your Health

Daylight and sunlight has a more important impact on our health than most of us are aware of. Sunlight that enters the eye stimulates pinal hormone production in the body, melatonin. Daily sunlight effect our mood. In dark winter areas like Lapland where the sun does not rise from November to January studies shows that people becomes more tired and have a reduction of capacity during this period (source: Tromso psychiatrist, Dr Reppersgaard). Work places with windows that allows entering of daylight shows to be more effective and satisfied work places. Daylight also controls the body’s circadian system and synchronizes the body to the 24-hour system. It shows that people working night shifts produces less than those working day shifts where natural daylight is available. But there is a difference of night shift workers that was exposed to dayligt before the shift and those who wasn’t. Those exposed to dayligt before night shift were less stressed and tired.

Sunlight also contains vitamine D which is important for our body health. Vitamine D prevents autoimmune diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Sunlight improves liver functioning and heals inflammation.


– Helps reducing depression

– Helps you stay focus

– Helps you performance more

– Helps your mood

– Helps your work place

– Improves your sleep

– Prevents diseases thanks to Vitamine D

Artificial light does not have the same effect.

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Edible Plants: “Acitosella”

This plants stem is edible and is called “Acitosella” in italian. It tastes like a lighter version of lemon and is great for your stomach health.


Breakfast juice to prevent the flu


Indoor Air Improvement Plants

Having plants indoors is an excellent solution to increase the indoor air quality. Plants are the lungs in the environment. Research shows that indoor plants:

  • Help improve indoor air quality
  • Help reduce sick building syndrome
  • Help improve well being
  • Help improve productivity and performance
  • Help to lower stress and negative feelings
  • Help to reduce noise
  • Improve business image with potential clients
  • Contribute to fulfilling at least 75% of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Criteria


This choice is very important especially in urban areas as studies shows that we spend 85% of our time indoors and the air is more polluted. Many do not know that indoor air is many times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor plants also helps reduce stress and background noise in stressful environments.

Indoor Plants Contribute To At Least 75% Of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Criteria: (source:

IEQ criterion Indoor Plants
Air pollution mitigation Reduce all types of urban air pollution
Low Emitting Materials Absorb toxic emissions – VOCs etc
Ventilation effectiveness Increase effectiveness – remove CO2/add O2
Lighting OK for Plants – OK for staff also
Noise Absorb & buffer noise
Views Add aesthetics & calming greenery; lower stress
Thermal comfort Not directly influenced but tend to stabilise humidity in human comfort zone, so could have unquantified effects here
Systems controllability Not directly influenced but stabilisation of temperature and humidity could lower air-con. energy consumption

Recommended Plants to Purify Indoor Air:

orcOrchids “Dendrobium” and Phaeleonopsis”

Neglect them for easy care, avoid too much water and sunlight.

Releases oxygen during night therefore great to have in the bedroom.



Survives in less light and colder temperatures



Soft plant, easy care, avoid direct sunlight


Peace Lilies

Keep in shade and cool temperature



Exotic look, effective air cleaner, easy care



Easy care, attractive because of its unique colors



Easy care, perfect for smokers home



Long-lasting, keep the leafs dustfree, perfect for smokers homes


Source plant photoes: Wikipedia,

Treat Diabetes with Prickly Pear/Fichi d’India

Prickly Pear or as in italian called Fichi d’India, has been used in Mexico to treat diabetes for over 1,000 years.
– Faster and more effective glucose entry into the cells.
– Lower blood sugar in people suffering of type 2 diabetes. Decrease sugar levels by 20 to 45%.

This lovely fruit has many names like Super Fruit, Prickly Pear, Nopal Cactus, Barbary Fig and Indian Fig. Please see more health benefits in the chart below.


Foods Improving Eyesight

Sight Improving Foods

Olive Oil for Health and Beauty

My name is Johanna and I’m the author for this site. Here I want to share some benefits of using olive oil in daily health and as a beauty product.

I use Olive Oil for:
– facial moisturiser, day and night
– make up remover with cotton pads (works great on mascara)
– facial cleaning
– body lotion
– irritated parts on body that appears especially when the weather changes

– healed my dry feets
– healed somekind of allergy I got on feets and hands
– less wrinkles in face, e.g “chicken feets” by the eyes are much smaller
– red dots on arms and legs dissapeared
– hands looks more “alive”
– save money
– skin has much better health and aging signs are much less

It is the only “cream” I have. It is natural and a bottle lasts one year. For body cream I use it immediately after the shower when the skins pores are open and it feels less sticky. Or mix the oil with almonds.

I have a bottle in the bathroom and a smaller one by the bed for the feets before going to sleep.


Benefits by Eating Fruit Seeds

Fruit seeds are harmless when eaten in moderate quantities. Myths like apple seeds contains small amounts of cyanide and grape seeds grow vines in your stomach are not true, also because you already eat seeds without thinking of it, like strawberry seeds to name one.

Many fruit seeds contains high amounts of fibers, antioxidants and vitamins, including B-17 and many have anti-cancer properties. Some unripe fruits seeds can cause unpleasent stomach effects.

Examples of  nutrient seeds are:

Apple Seeds…rich in vitamins, minerals,phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium,  iron and sulfur. Treat acne, psoriasis and other skin issues. Dietary fiber to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Grapes seeds…popular to use in beauty products because it works againts acne and moisturizes the skin. Great to use grapes seeds in scrubs, makes skin soft and shiny. Contains vitamins A, E and C.

Watermelon seeds…rich in natural fats, proteins and 8 amino acids. Contains vitamins, minerals, riboflavin, niacin, foliate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Chew them before swallowing, then you do not loose the nutrients.

Avocado…high in potassium and antioxidants,  one of the best sources of  fiber.

Blackberry…good source of omega-3 oils, protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Kiwi…vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.


What is Oil Pulling and why you should try it?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detox and rejuvenation.

Why Do It?

Find relief from congestion in the sinuses and throat. After rinsing, you will find yourself blowing your nose and clearing your throat. Some testimonies tells they have got rid of other health problems like nerve damages and back problems, weight loss, whiter teeth, healthier gums, happiness, helps food digestion, reduce cellulites just to name some…

Which Oils?

Natural oils. Coconut and olive oils to prefer. Also sunflower or sesame oil works well. Any oil will do as long as it is natural.


Push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, but do not swallow or gargle so it may touch your throat because it is now carrying somewhat toxic material. Do this for 5 – 20 minutes. Then spit it in the toilet because oil can clog your drain. Best is to do this in the morning before eating.

Oil pulling is very easy, just google “Oil Pulling” to find more information and benefits.

Benefits of taking Cold Showers

During hot summers a cold shower is a natural choise, but it also has its health benefits. It does not make you sick, it is a great way to regulate body temperature and improve your immune system. Do not mix cold and warm water if you are a beginner, it is better to start with one complete cold shower and then increase. Best benefits from cold shower is a morning or evening shower.

Improves Mood:  Cold showers stimulates the brain by its source of noradrenaline, and improves mood disorders like depression. After a cold shower you should feel happy, sometimes as euphoria.

Improves Blood Circulation: With a cold shower blood flows to your organs for protection to keep them warm, and this improves blood flow between organs and skin. Higher fertility in men.

Improves Breathing: Use cold showers to learn how to breath deeply. This fights the stress of the cold shock, the vasoconstriction and the need to respire calmly to keep yourself warm. This opens the lungs and incresed the oxygen intake.

Improves Metabolic Rate: The cold shower forces your body to regulate temperature which uses many calories. The body will become more efficient.


Increase Testosterone: Cold showers or having the testicles in cold water increases sperm production. Some takes a cold shower before gym to get more strength.

Increase Immune: Creates higher levels of white bloos cells and higher concentration of plasma. Anti-Inflammation and anti-disease and helps you avoid the flu, cancer and haemorrhoids.

Weight Loss: Brown fat production increases and fights obesity. More calories are burned to supply energy for more reactions.

Environmental Friendly: Less CO2 and greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Also less global warming and a lower electricity bill.

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