About Living by Seasons

A trip from over-consumption to sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Ecological & Sustainable development in Sicily.

“Sustainable development, a clean and environmentally friendly future” is our motto. We operate in agriculture, renewable energy, construction, investments, ecological and sustainable development. Every step we take in private life and business is Organic, Ecological and Natural.

By Living By Seasons you can follow our journey from over consumption to sustainable lifestyle. Filled with health information and charts, recipes, sustainable tips, planting, do-it-yourself, ecological companies and much more.

By J Siljehagen Green Consulting we are a support for small- and medium sized Sicilian farmers and food producers to reach out on the global food market.

By MPI Group we collect various ecological solutions for society, private persons and everyday life. Sustainbale tourism development and ecological construction.

By Living in Sicily you can follow sicilian lifestyle and travel information.

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